The ex-Changing of the GuardsBACK
It’s high-stepping hilarity!

Precision march sequences sample
When these guards are on the march, funny bits are always on parade.
This quirky, endearing street show, full of surprises spotlighting charming palace guards and their neurotic chief leave guests of all ages laughing and wanting more. Comprised of ludicrous antics, precision marches & slapstick, the guards will even involve a willing guest or two in this adventure embodying the finest British style of physical comedy. While no one would want to entrust the Monarchy to this mayhem, the hilarity is of the highest order & and fun reigns supreme.
We invite you to enjoy another exclusive concept from Unity Productions . . . fully adaptable for any type of venue, event size and theme.

Show variants available include:

• Convention show opener (3 guards – 6-10 mn)
• Full interactive, outdoor ‘stage’ show with march sequences (3 guards – 30-35 mn)
• Precision march sequences (2 to 6 guards – 30 mn)

                     NOW PLAYING AT

             Running June 7 through July 6th
        4 shows a day (noon, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm)
          Come check us out at The Fab Fair! 

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