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Many choices ... each is spectacular
  • The Cameraman
    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but this flashy friend is worth thousands of smiles.
  • The Living Toys
    It is every child’s special dream to have a pair of toys come to life and play with them!
  • The Don Quixote
    Tilting at windmills is an endless pursuit, yet this hopeless romantic still finds time to party!
  • The Biz Bros'
    Double the fun and laughter when these robotic twins strut their synchronized stuff for an amazed crowd.
  • The Grape Picker
    The vines have been plucked of all their fruit, so let the happy harvest of mirth begin.
  • The ex-Changing of the Guards
    When these guards are on the march, funny bits are always on parade.
  • Mr. Pumpkin
    This jack-o-lantern has a few tricks up his sleeve and he will treat you to festive fun.
  • The Tourists
    When these silly tourists arrive and join the crowd, one never knows what will pop out from their backpack!
  • The MadVenturers
    Deep in their imaginary jungle but in plain sight, two wacky explorers unearth laughter and goodwill on their unpredictable quest.
  • The Munchkin on stilts
    This little ringleader is a giant when it comes to leading the crowd to a good time.