The angelsBACK
Ethereal, moving and dramatic…

Just for Laughs Festival - Guest's video (Low-Resolution)

Spirit in motion
The Angel speaks to the heart & soul with a passionate spirit, yet knows there is no greater joy than laughter!
Two Angels of Unity Productions premiered at a private celebration for the performers and privileged guests of Cirque du Soleil’s® La Nouba™.
World-renown for striking visual performances and creative flair, Cirque du Soleil® could choose anyone to provide the entertainment for their closed VIP parties . . . and they choose the best . . . Unity Productions!
Majestically standing as a symbol of the beauty and the self-realization we all strive for, The Angels Original Living Statues are in a class by themselves and have to be experienced to comprehend their remarkable impact. Whether performing for a crowd of hundreds or at an intimate event, the skillful artisans presenting The Angels deliver a performance that reaches each individual watching in a very personal way either through laughter, heart-touching grace, delightful awe or a combination of all three!