The original living statues® BACK
Across the globe, there is only one interactive show worthy of the name IMAGINUM and you have found it . . .
  • The angels
    The Angel speaks to the heart & soul with a passionate spirit, yet knows there is no greater joy than laughter!
  • The greco-roman statues
    These artisans transform from chiseled marble to enchanting jesters, leading crowds to adventures of merriment, humor and extraordinary fun.
  • The golfer
    Professional golfers & weekend duffers both recognize a great shot when they see it and.
  • The English Businessman
    No one can resist the charms of this suave tycoon of crowd interaction & merchant of happiness!
  • The Soccer Player
    The perfect choice when your GOAL is to capture the imagination of an audience . . . 
  • Apollo & Aphrodite
    As if pulled from a Grecian temple, these striking statues compel any group to party like it’s 499 BC!
  • The fairy living statue
    This lively & bedeviling little sprite is just the treat you desire to craft the perfect event.
  • The Car Racer & Flagman
    These two darling speed devotees are back to rev up the fun and enjoyment of anyone with a passion for speed!
  • The lady
    The grace and elegance of a time past . . . The Lady reminds the lovely patrons of the fair that beauty is ageless!
    The cherished icon for all Americans, now comes to life to touch the hearts of all!
  • The Don Quixote
    Tilting at windmills is an endless pursuit, yet this hopeless romantic still finds time to party!
  • The jockey
    It’s time to saddle up and head off to the races when this jolly horseman comes onto the scene!