The Living toysBACK
Dedicated to the kid that lives in all of us.

The Living Toys in SeaWorld Orlando

The Living Toys in Universal Studios Japan
It is every child’s special dream to have a pair of toys come to life and play with them!
As if marching straight out of a young child’s dream, this pair of beautifully crafted, life-size toys step onto the scene in perfect synchronicity. Spectators cannot help but wonder if they are mechanical marvels or meticulously trained artisans???

Awe transforms to merriment as the Living Toys begin to perform funny, often silly routines with each other and the audience. When one runs down and stops, the other must come to the rescue and wind him up with an invisible key, all to the delight of those watching. Next, it is on to the pedestals for crowd interaction and plenty of picture opportunities so everyone can save these magical memories.